..Custom Heirlooms, Classes, and Cosmetic Pets/Mounts/Druid Forms


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Not sure if you have more Custom Classes planned in the future or would like to n such. But Thought I'd share some ideas.

So First Off, I wanna get this off my chest.
Custom Cosmetic Pets, I've already noticed there was a Goku SSJ3 Hair Cosmetic once planned but now scrapped. I was wondering if for pets there could be cosmetics, This includes Companions or Hunter/Lock Pets.
If so here's a list I've always wanted to see in WoW for fun.

For Starters, I was thinking of Miniature pets of something like a Lich King.
Better yet I'll just list it in numbers.
(Would be good in bundles for DP in the shop, and some earnable by quests/achievements)
1. Miniature Lich King
2. Minature Varian Wrynn
3. Miniature Thrall
4. Minature Ilidan

1. Minature Spongebob. [YUP YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT, I wanna see it. It would look so cool having a little sponge running around IM WILLING TO PAY 20+ DP FOR IT!]
2. Minature Patrick( Cant forget Spongebob's Best Friend
3. Minature Squidward
4. Minature Mr. Krabs
5. Minature Sandy the Squirrel
6. Minature Mrs. Puff
7. Mina....Er Just Plankton

AND becauseee you already did something of DBZ, why not a Minature Goku or Vegeta.
and Let's not forget Yamcha, cause he needs some love! or our favorite Villain Frieza or Cell. Maybe Tien? Launch? Gohan? a What If Character? Mr. Piccolo? Maybe Chi-Chi or Bulma. How about King Kai? or a Super Character like Beerus
Lets never forget also tons of characters from the DragonBall itself like General Blue...
though this may be ALOT harder, but its worth to try, cuz come on.

The possibilities are endless!

I know it'd be really hard BUT I really wanna see it, even if it takes 10 years into the future. Little things like these are so cool too see.
If this does happen I'd also like to see, Spongegar, Pattar, and Squag. Cause come on?

But if not the Special Spongebob Bundle, I'd at least like to see some of the other stuff.
A Minature Grommash would be cool too!
BUT WHO DOESN'T LOVE SPONGEBOB (.....well I mean if it's before late season 4.)

As for Heirlooms, I'd like to see Wands, Fist Weapons, Rings, etc. Things that were never in WoW before. Maybe not rings, cause I'd prefer NO full set. But like maybe Wands, Fist Weapons, Idols, Librams, were never there, and It'd be very INTERESTING.

For Hunter Pets/Lock Pets and Druid forms, I'd like to see things such as Color Changes and Model Replacements would be interesting. Examples...
MORE DOG pets!
Black Voidwalker
Purple Voidwalker
Air Elemental (Voidwalker replacement)
Ethereal Form( Replaces Tree of Life)
Lion Form( Replaces Cat Form Model )
UNDEAD Druid Cat form!


Let's move to Mounts.
1. Rhino Mount
- We have rhinos in WoW and it wouldn't be too hard to implement
2. Arachnids
- This would be most likely better than the Rhino Mount as we have TONS of Spider Mounts, so it'd be easier to implement. I just wanted Rhino really badly, so I set that first.
3. Silithid Wasps
- Yet another Easy Mount to implement as it has tons of models.
4. Moose

eh, I'm fresh out of Mount Ideas n such. Let's just continue to Classes.

One of the things I thought of but was probably too hard to implement was special elite type classes or something at max(90) where we can start training special abilities.
So Let's say your a Level 90 Mage, then you gain access to be able to start doing quests for special abilities. At the end of the questline, you will have the title Archmage or Techno Mage(depends what you choose), and have 5 new abilities(or more).

So it'd be kind of like a mastery type of class or Class Advancement.

If it was possible, I'd suggest things like...
1. ArchPaladin
2. Battlemaster
3. GrandArcher
4. Cleric
5. Farseer
6. Archmage
7. Hellreaver
8. Tempest
9. Deathlord
10. Swashbuckler.
Anyways that's just an Idea...

It would be something great for the future.

I was also thinking of a completely custom class based off of Anarchy Lore, I'm sure you guys already got something though. What I'm about to say is probably gonna sound stupid, and even though this may never happen.

I've always wanted to see a Dragon themed class, there are MMORPGs that have it, but most are dumb and/or stupid. I wanna see one in WoW, EVEN if It's unlawful, someday I wanna see it.

In fact, I've been coming up with this for a while, but The name of specs and it would be.

- DragonSlayer
- Wyvern [ DPS ] - Two Hander
Example Abilities/Passives:
Wyvern Crash (Replaces Baseline Flame Strike)
Wyvern Core [Increases Fire Damage by "%" and Strength by "%"]
Inferno Escape
- Dragon [ Tank ] - One Hand and Shield
Example Abilities/Passives:
Dragon Clash [Replaces Baseline Flame Strike]
Draconic Core [Increases Stamina by "%" and Armor by "txt"]
Inferno Shield
- Hydra [ DPS ] - Two Hander
Example Abilties/Passives:
Shadow Strike [Replaces Flame Strike Baseline]
Hydra Core [Increases Strength by "%" and Shadow Damage by "%"]
Beastality [Temp Buff]

Uses Strength as Primary Stat, (Dragon uses Stamina).
Since you guys couldn't make a custom resource, I'd suggest Rage on this class instead. I actually thought of a custom system for its own resource too, slightly similar to Monk's chi system but with extra stuff.

One Last Class I had in mind was Necromancer. No, I don't mean death knight cause THERE IS NECROS IN WOW! I DON'T MEAN Warlock(Cause those guys are Demo themed)
No really! A Raised Dead Mage/Lock was actually a Necromancer. We saw them before!

We got Demo Themed Melee and Caster
We got Holy Themed Melee and Caster
We got Physical Themed Melee and Ranged
We got Undead themed Melee, but no Caster.

I took a long thought and concept of this class. I really think it should eventually be put in.
Base Abilities:
Drain Life
Shadow Serene(Mount for Level 20)
Undeathly Mentality (Intellect Buff)
Necromancer Specializations
1. Bonedancing
The Necro's Mastery of Bonedancing, ....uh..Yeah!
Example Abilities:
Bone Shards
Bone Spike
Bone Wall - (After a Certain Rank becomes Cartilage Barrier)
Raise Skeleton (Glyph of Undead Eagle)
Flesh Rend

2. Necroatic [ Tank ] (NOPE NOT JOKING! :dD)
Necroatic a Tanky Cloth wearer, Uses his pet to take damage and taunt. The Necromancer can use transference abilities and defensive abilities on his pet when que is ready.
Example Abiltiies:
1. Tissue Weave PASSIVE
- Increases Armor by "%" and Stamina by "txt", and Increases Pet Threat Gen by "%" and Armor By "%" and Stamina by "txt"
2. Shadow Protection
- Basically a Necromancer version of Divine Shield.
3. Threat Transfer - CHANNELS
- Transfer your threat to your pet

3. Unholy
Yup, if Priest and Pally get Holy, then DK and Necro have Unholy...
I'm running out of Ideas here. But I got the names

I know I didn't really prepare much here, but these ideas are just little things that would make it alot more fun in the game.

I also know you're all busy with the current stuff of anarchy, so it'd be years before you could get to things like this. But it'd be amazing if this was possible.

The Cosmetic Companions though IM REALLY hoping can be possible, cause I'm sure you guys had things like that already planned. I really wanna see things like that.

Just think about some time in the future being able to access such amazing custom content.

If I could have just one thing out of this list, It'd def be The Necromancer class.
But If it had to be something easy, I'd pick the Companions.

I also thought you guys should put extremely hidden cameos in the game, you know fun easter eggs for people to find. Maybe thats how we could get some of the new companions. I also am aware of the fact that IMPLEMENTING a Spongebob Companion could be game breaking(literally, it could break the game and ruin everything), but its still something to look into.

I also am aware of this may never happened due to many reasons, but still I had to say someething.

Now for NORMAL Cosmetics, now let's start with WoW Themed stuff.

The Lich King's Helm! Classes: Death Knight....
Why Not?!
...actually I ran out of ideas already, it's getting late, :P rip.

but Still think outside the box AND inside.
I really think it'd be alot of fun with the extra Cosmetics, something no private servers do.
Anarchy wow is about Huge Custom Content, so Cosmetics has to be a huge part in it.

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I like the warlock pet ideas. because is hate the standard models they are just boring.

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Most of your wants can be done fairly easily, the mounts are a bit harder to make because of orientation, custom classes that are not just clones are almost always bugged due to blizz.
Weapons and armor are very easy to make, pets/companions would most likely be a skin on a old pet. Spongebob would be a patch because his skin is not in the database.